Securing and integrating maritime services in EMSA’s Digital Catalogue

How we helped enhance maritime security by improving the governance processes of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) API ecosystem.
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About the Client

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) is an EU agency established in 2002 to improve maritime safety, security, and pollution prevention.

EMSA collaborates closely with Member States’ maritime services, providing technical expertise, operational assistance, and scientific support to improve maritime safety, pollution preparedness and response, and maritime security.


EMSA sought to enhance maritime security by improving the governance processes within its API ecosystem.

EMSA’s “Maritime Digital Services Catalogue” is a central repository that offers a wide range of digital services for the sector, covering maritime safety, environmental protection, traffic management, and vessel monitoring.

The catalogue is a centralized source of information and services, facilitating stakeholder collaboration and promoting compliance with international maritime regulations. Users can access and utilize different tools and applications to enhance maritime operations’ safety, efficiency, and sustainability through this digital catalog.

The challenge consisted of consolidating these diverse services while maintaining robust security measures to safeguard against potential threats and breaches.


We began by conducting a thorough assessment of EMSA’s existing API infrastructure, identifying potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

Collaborating closely with EMSA’s stakeholders, we devised a tailored strategy to streamline API management and ensure the secure integration of digital services within the Maritime Digital Services Catalogue.



Our team delivered a comprehensive solution that addressed EMSA’s specific needs, focusing on three key areas:

  1. Implementation and Configuration of an API Management Solution: This platform serves as the central nervous system, governing API access, traffic management, and security policies.
  2. Design and Implementation of an API Digital Catalogue: Allowing stakeholders to easily discover available APIs, access their documentation and manage subscriptions.
  3. Technical API Management Support: Including updates, maintenance and training to ensure the smooth operation and optimal performance of the implemented solution.



This project produced significant benefits for EMSA and the maritime sector, directly addressing their key objectives:

  • Universal API Management: A single, centralized API Management platform governs access and usage across EMSA’s enterprise and member states. This ensures consistency, simplifies administration, and strengthens compliance with maritime regulations.
  • Unified Governance Across Environments: The solution enables efficient asset management and governance of APIs across diverse environments, including cloud deployments and on-premises API gateways. This streamlines operations and reduces management overhead.
  • Centralized API Discovery: The digital catalogue functions as a central hub for stakeholders to discover all available APIs. This eliminates the need for searching disparate sources and expedites the identification of relevant services.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The platform provides valuable insights into API consumption patterns across the ecosystem. This data empowers EMSA to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation, service development, and optimization.
  • Seamless Internal Integration: The solution integrates seamlessly with EMSA’s internal systems, facilitating the secure exchange of data and streamlining workflows between the digital catalogue and core business functions.

This project exemplifies how a well-designed cybersecurity solution can empower digital transformation within the maritime sector.

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