Together with Delinea, a global leader in privileged access management (PAM), we deliver cloud-ready, enterprise-grade PAM solutions that put privileged access at the center of cybersecurity strategies.

Delinea Privileged Access Management

Discover, manage, provision and delegate seamless access to privileged accounts and endpoints.

Secure Credentials

Protect your privileged accounts with Secret Server, manage credentials for applications, databases, CI/CD tools and services with DevOps Secrets Vault, and service account governance seamlessly with Account Lifecycle Manager.

Privileged Remote Access

Manage and interact with multiple remote sessions for both Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and SSH in a unified environment with Connection Manager and securely manage third-party vendors and your remote workforce with Remote Access Service.

Privilege Elevation

Secure privileged access to servers with identity consolidation and centralized management of just-in-time and just enough privileges across Windows, Linux, and Unix servers with Delinea Server PAM.

Privilege Manager

Mitigate malware and modern security threats from exploiting applications by removing local administrative rights and enforcing least privilege on endpoints.

Delinea Features & Benefits

Privileged Access Management for the modern enterprise simplified.

Features Benefits

Enterprise Vault

Discover, manage, protect and audit privileged access.

DevOps Vault

Securely provide secrets at the speed and agility DevOps needs to stay competitive.

Service Account Lifeycycle

Streamline service account management with workflows and automated provisioning, governance, compliance, and decommissioning capabilities.

Remote Access Admin

Manage and interact with multiple remote connections from a single screen.

Vendor Privileged Access

Grant vendors and remote staff secure access without a VPN.


Enforce zero trust and least privilege best practices to protect servers with seamless policy-based authorization controls and MFA at-depth.


Endpoint privilege management and application control solution for workstations.

Delinea Platform

Extended PAM helps saving time and lowering risk by providing authorization for all identities and policy-based, adaptive controls.

Increased Cyber Resilience

With central oversight and policy-based adaptive controls, Delinea PAM increases adoption of security best practices across your organisation.

Improved Productivity

Provide your team, partners and business users with access to resources when they need it, without interrupting the flow of work.

Cloud or On-Premise

Deploy, configure and manage privileged access in the cloud or on-premises without sacrificing functionality.

Enterprise-wide Consistent Controls

Manage policy-based controls for privileged access, elevation, and workflow, for teams using different types of workstations, servers, applications, and platforms.

Complete Visibility

Continuously monitor threats and act on unusual privileged behavior to reduce risks.


Leverage the value of a holistic cybersecurity system with out-of-the box integrations.

Excellence in implementing Delinea

Our commitment to secure & efficient Delinea solutions

Certified Delinea Partner

As a fully accredited Delinea partner, we have undergone rigorous training and certification processes to ensure in-depth knowledge of Delinea's solutions, allowing us to provide tailored recommendations and seamless implementation services.

Proven track record

Cloudcomputing has delivered successful PAM projects for the front-runners across multiple industries. Contact us for to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Delinea.

  • How can Delinea benefit my business?

    Delinea offers a range of benefits, including:

    • Enhanced security: Reduce the risk of cyberattacks by securing privileged access, a major attack vector for criminals.
    • Improved compliance: Meet industry regulations and data privacy standards that mandate strict controls over privileged access.
    • Simplified IT operations: Automate PAM tasks, freeing up IT resources and streamlining processes.
    • Reduced costs: Minimize the potential financial impact of security incidents and data breaches.
  • How can Delinea help my specific industry?

    Delinea’s solutions are relevant across various industries, including finance, healthcare, government, technology, and more.

    As an independent company, we at Cloudcomputing have a proven track of successfully delivered PAM projects across industries and platforms. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Does Delinea integrate with my existing applications?

    Delinea integrates with a wide range of applications and systems. Our team can assess your specific needs and ensure a smooth integration with Delinea.

  • What are the benefits of working with Cloudcomputing for integrating Delinea?

    Cloudcomputing is a certified Delinea partner with trained experts for implementing Delinea solutions across multiple industries. Our team can answer your questions and help you determine the best Delinea solution for your specific needs.

  • How do I get started with Delinea?

    Contact us today! Our PAM specialists will discuss your needs and guide you through the process of implementing Delinea for your business. 

Let's get started with Delinea

Find out how to protect your most critical systems and data with Delinea PAM solutions. Contact us to learn more about Delinea, use cases and demonstrations.

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