Secure access to your applications for on-premise or cloud environments with Oracle Identity and Access Management and Cloudcomputing’s expertise.

Oracle IAM

Simplify, secure and scale your identity program with Oracle's comprehensive product suite, offering end-to-end solutions at an enterprise level.

Flexible protection in heterogeneous environments

Protect business critical processes and assets with flexible deployment options for cloud and on-premise. Choose the identity solution that fits you best, from SaaS to on-site software.

Manage millions of users securely with ease

Oracle IAM scales effortless to fit your needs. Plus, it integrates perfectly with your existing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and applications, simplifying compliance and reducing administrative burdens.

Secure access for everyone, everywhere.

Oracle IAM empowers companies to grant secure access to employees, partners, and customers, regardless of their location or device. Deploy your workloads on your preferred infrastructure provider while enabling all access methods. Plus, enhance security further with Oracle Access Governance for automated access reviews.

Oracle Identity and Access Management

Beyond access control, towards identity governance

Features Benefits

Oracle Access Governance

Automate access reviews, analyze user activity, and identify potential security risks. Ensure users have only the access they truly need, reducing the chances of unauthorized access and improving overall compliance.

Oracle Access Management

Lock down access with ease. Oracle Access Management secures your applications, data, and web resources. Users can access what they need with secure, single sign-on. From anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Oracle Identity Governance

Facilitate compliance with one of the most complete identity governance solutions providing user administration, privileged account management and identity intelligence. Plus, get valuable insights with rich analytics.

Oracle Directory Services

Manage vast user directories with exceptional performance and scalability. Consolidate your identity infrastructure with an all-in-one platform, streamlining administration and ensuring seamless access control for the most demanding organizations.

Increase Productivity

Reduce complexity and increase productivity, with self-service access reviews, simplified security and automations.

Interoperability and Integrability

Oracle IAM seamlessly connects with industry standards for top-notch security, while integrating with various applications and systems for ultimate flexibility.

Fortified security posture

Enforce access policies, apply risk-based authentication and proactive real-time fraud prevention, while maintaining continuous visibility and control.

Cloud or On-Premise

Deploy, configure and manage privileged access in the cloud or on-premises without sacrificing functionality.

Cloudcomputing - Your trusted Oracle partner

Our certified Oracle Experts will answer your questions about how to achieve streamlined Identity Management with Oracle, and can guide you through the whole journey. 

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