Secure journeys for people & goods

In today's hyper-connected logistics landscape, securing your digital ecosystem is paramount. Secure cargo movement, streamline workflows and navigate compliance complexities to unlock the full potential of your digital transformation journey with modern IAM and a robust cybersecurity strategy.

How to safeguard sensitive data throughout the entire logistics chain, and mitigate the growing threat of cyberattacks?

Our robust cybersecurity solutions protect against evolving cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and security of your data, from shipment details and cargo location to customer information and access control systems at warehouses.

How to ensure secure access for drivers, warehouse personnel, and remote employees, without hindering operational efficiency?

With Modern IAM you can provide secure access for your diverse workforce. Granular access controls ensure the right people have the right access to perform their jobs efficiently, without compromising security.

How to comply with changing data privacy regulations across different regions?

Our IAM solutions are built with flexibility to adapt to regional and international compliance requirements. Maintain a centralized identity management system while ensuring you meet all relevant data privacy regulations.

Our Track Record

14 years

IAM & cybersecurity experience

10 M

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Projects delivered

50 K

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Keep your supply chain moving with IAM

Cloudcomputing understands: your core business is your competitive edge. That's why we champion strategic IAM. Free up resources to deliver world-class services while identity becomes your secret weapon. Empower customers and employees, boost satisfaction, and unlock new value.

Manage diverse workforce identities

From drivers navigating the open road to warehouse personnel managing inventory, your workforce thrives on diversity. Our IAM solutions ensure secure access for every employee, regardless of location or role. Granular access controls empower them to perform their duties efficiently, while robust security safeguards sensitive data at every touchpoint.

Boost productivity, reduce costs

By automating user provisioning, access approvals, and enforcing security policies, Identity Governance and Administration frees up IT resources. Secure mobile access to data through mobile devices to further enhance collaboration, all while ensuring your employees have the mobile tools they need to be productive.

Deliver superior customer experiences

Empower your customers with a secure and user-friendly digital experience. CIAM simplifies self-service, boosting customer satisfaction. This translates to smoother interactions and more growth opportunities.

Ensure scalability & extensibility

Opting for a modern, best of class CIAM solution will allow your business to grow. Adapt to evolving organisational challenges, emerging technologies and regulations, while integrating with other business critical tools to create a unified ecosystem.

How we can help

We develop comprehensive security strategies that safeguard information, mitigate cyber threats, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Identity Governance and Administration

Govern and secure user access to data and enterprise apps to reduce risk and satisfy compliance. This ensures the right people have the right access to citizen data at the right time.


Customer IAM (CIAM)

Enable secure and efficient management of customer identities and access and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.


Digital Employee Experience

Simply and securely deliver and manage any app, on any device, anywhere. Monitor, analyze and fix technology gaps that keep users from communicating, collaborating, and getting work done. Save money, time, and resources.


API Management

Design, build, manage, and secure APIs. Leverage your digital assets securely to accelerate innovation, collaboration and digital transformation.


Privileged Access Management

Enforce strict controls and policies around privileged admin accounts. Ensure the security of digital critical assets that, if breached, can stop your company.


Mobile Device Management

Unmanaged devices pose critical security risks. MDM provides a centralized platform to manage and secure all mobile devices accessing critical, enhancing security and improving compliance.


Our Process

How does a successful approach look like?


We follow a comprehensive process to ensure your needs are met.


We assess your current processes, applications and infrastructure and identify your needs.


We create a customised plan tailored to your specific situation.


We implement the necessary measures for your organisation.

Start your modern identity journey today

Whether you are yet to start your modern identity journey or you are looking to further refine your cybersecurity program, Cloudcomputing has the expertise to help you achieve your vision. Talk to our experts to find out how.

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