Cyber Consulting

Identity journeys are complex and require a comprehensive roadmap that needs full stakeholder involvement. You can count on our team which boasts extensive expertise in cybersecurity — rather than just general project management or traditional consulting experience. As independent partners of the leading technology suppliers, count on us to prioritize your needs when building your solution.


Beyond Security Projects

Our consultants help organizations develop Cyber Security roadmaps that align business processes, applications, and user demands to deliver rapid and reliable capabilities.

Understand requirements

Security requirements can be extremely diverse from one organization to the next. We tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of your business and build a common vision with stakeholders. Whether it's for compliance, risk management, or improving security.

Navigate challenges

Lack of experienced project management, non-existent processes, inaccurate or low-quality HR data, unclear system ownership, and limited budget are common challenges. We address these challenges effectively to ensure the success of your project.

Improve processes

Keep information secure and operations running smoothly. To ensure your IAM system aligns with internal procedures and best practices, we review current procedures, identify security gaps, and redesign your processes for peak performance.

Continuous learning and adaptation

The field of Cyber Security is constantly evolving. Our consultants stay up-to-date with the latest developments and can guide you through new technologies and best practices, ensuring that IAM solutions remain effective and secure.

Combination of skills

Benefit from our mix of education, experience and technical knowledge, combined with the ability to translate very complex projects into manageable processes for organizations.


Build a solid foundation with expert assessments, strategic roadmaps, and gap analysis.

Zero Trust Assessment

Part of a holistic strategy, we pinpoints weaknesses and propose recommendations with an approach to scrutinize every access point.


IAM Maturity Assessment

Evaluate your organization's readiness and effectiveness in managing digital identities and controlling access to resources.


Identity Strategy and Roadmap Definition

A plan to define the management, protection, and control of access to identities, devices, and systems. A shield against threats and a catalyst for seamless operations.


Market Solution Benchmark

Cut through overload. Get a clear and concise picture of the leading solutions across Identity, Access, Governance, and IoT security.



Implement your strategy seamlessly with user-centric design, role mining, and change management expertise.

Customer Identity Experience Design

Offer your customers a transparent, secure, and personalized identity experience that promotes engagement, loyalty, and trust.


Employee Identity Experience Design

How to ensure a smooth journey for employees through your organization’s systems, tools, and platforms.


IT Processes Analysis and Reengineering

Ensure that your organization's information technology processes align with internal procedures.



Maintain a robust IAM posture with ongoing optimization, compliance analysis, and team training programs.

Role Mining

Fine-tune permissions to match each employee's role in order to minimize the risk of breaches and ensure regulatory compliance.


PMO & Project Management

Our experience, leadership and expertise at your service to ensure your initiatives reach their full potential.


Change Management

Make transitions as smooth as possible and capitalize on the opportunities for growth and optimization.


Why Cloudcomputing

Beyond a trustworthy track record

The boutique advantage

Unlike large, impersonal firms, you are dealing with a company with an accessible, close-knit team, available for its clients and plugged into a powerful network.

An audacious attitude for strong impacts

As accomplished cybersecurity specialists, we challenge the status quo offering proactive approaches to help you stay ahead of technology and mitigate evolving security risks with confidence. Our progressive mindset leaves a lasting impression right from the first meeting.

Unparalleled delivery with end-to-end focus

We deliver business value instead of stalling projects and complex documentation. Our highly skilled team with proven experience spanning industries, technologies and diverse challenges confidently guides you through all aspects of the IAM project lifecycle.

We pair client-centricity with cost-effectiveness

Our consultants are true experts in the IAM domain and don't waste time in scattered activities: every action is focused on maximizing impact and creating quick returns.

Overwhelmed by your cyber security project?

 Get the expertise you need. Contact us to discuss how we can help you design, implement and manage your IAM initiatives.

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