Enhancing Social Security cyber security through PAM and EPM implementation

How we helped the Social Security IT Institute to ensure the management of privileged access in central systems and the management of privileges on endpoints.
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Protected privileged identities


Endpoints managed at the privilege level

About the Client

The Social Security IT Institute is a public institution that oversees technological advancements and digital initiatives within the social security sector.

It ensures efficient and effective management of information systems to support social security services and benefits.


With an increasingly complex digital landscape and a heightened threat landscape, the Social Security IT Institute faced the critical challenge of safeguarding privileged access to central systems and managing privileges on endpoints.

The institute recognized the need to fortify its cyber security framework.




Our strategy encompassed a meticulous analysis of the institute’s existing infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities, and designing a tailored solution aligned with industry best practices.

Leveraging our expertise in PAM and EPM, we designed a multi-faceted implementation plan aimed at fortifying privileged access controls and bolstering endpoint security measures.



Our solution revolved around the implementation of advanced PAM and EPM frameworks.

We orchestrated a series of strategic initiatives, including:

  • Configuration of robust vault systems — to safeguard privileged credentials.
  • Establishment of an organic access segregation structure — to enforce strict access controls.
  • Configuration of system parameters and access flows — to streamline operations while ensuring security.
  • Configuration of comprehensive policies — governing access, authentication, and privilege elevation.
  • Endpoint Privilege Manager Configuration — to ensure secure and efficient management of privileges on all endpoints.
  • Integration of multi-factor authentication (MFA) mechanisms — to augment security posture.
  • Implementation of ‘break the glass’ access protocols — for emergency scenarios.
  • Enforcement of application control and privilege elevation measures — to mitigate risks.
  • Conducting awareness sessions — to foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness among personnel.



The implementation of our PAM and EPM solution created transformative outcomes for the Social Security IT Institute:

  • Greater visibility and control — over privileged access, bolstering cybersecurity posture.
  • Streamlined incident response capabilities — facilitating rapid threat mitigation.
  • Improved compliance and auditing capabilities — ensuring regulatory alignment.
  • Mitigation of insider threats and reduction of attack surface on endpoints — fortifying defenses.
  • Increased operational efficiency — optimizing resource utilization and workflows.
  • Cultivation of a robust security culture — instilling a proactive mindset across the organization.
  • PAM scalability and growth support — empowering the institute to adapt to evolving cyber security challenges with agility.

Throughout this project, advanced PAM and EPM frameworks not only improved the institute’s defenses, but also empowered them to navigate the digital realm with confidence and resilience.

As an integral and fundamental part of our information security strategy and policy, the adoption and implementation of privileged access management (PAM) and endpoint privilege management (EPM) solutions was a fundamental step to ensure the protection of our central systems, as well as the effective management of privileges on endpoints. In the context of the public procedure under the Recovery and Resilience Plan, II, in addition to the acquisition of the Delinea solution proposed by Cloudcomputing, we relied on its implementation and management services for the project, which was fundamental for good delivery, having been fulfilled all project objectives and times.

Sérgio Duarte

Department Director

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