Enhancing Zero Trust maturity and cyber security strategy for INEM

We helped INEM, the National Institute of Medical Emergencies in Portugal, to assess its Zero Trust maturity and review its Cybersecurity strategy.
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About the Client

INEM is the National Institute of Medical Emergencies in Portugal. It is the Ministry of Health organisation responsible for coordinating the Integrated Medical Emergency System (SIEM) in Portugal. INEM plays a crucial role in the country’s emergency medical services, providing a wide range of services, including emergency medical care, guidance, and transportation.


INEM recognized the critical need to bolster its cybersecurity posture by assessing its Zero Trust maturity and refining its cybersecurity strategy. The organization aimed to comprehensively understand its current cybersecurity landscape, identify vulnerabilities, and implement actionable measures to mitigate risks effectively.


Our team embarked on a comprehensive approach to address INEM’s challenges:

  1. Contextual Analysis: We conducted an in-depth examination of INEM’s existing cybersecurity infrastructure, policies, and procedures to grasp the prevailing security landscape.
  2. Zero Trust Process Analysis: We scrutinized the processes related to user access control, data security, and network segmentation and examined the implementation and efficacy of Zero Trust processes, identifying areas for improvement and optimization.
  3. Requirements Analysis: We evaluated the Identity and Access Management (IAM) maturity and the overall workplace maturity to gauge the organization’s readiness in managing access and securing its digital environment.
  4. Network Security Assessment: We assessed the current state of network security, identifying vulnerabilities and areas of improvement to fortify the organization’s defenses.
  5. Roadmap Proposal: Based on our findings, we formulated a comprehensive roadmap outlining risk mitigation initiatives tailored to the client’s specific needs and challenges.
  6. Identification of Security Solutions: We evaluated and recommended market-leading security solutions aligned with the client’s requirements and objectives.



Through this comprehensive assessment, we delivered a solutions package:

  • Risk Clarification: We provided clarity on existing cybersecurity risks, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Knowledge Integration: Our findings and recommendations were documented and integrated into the internal teams, including the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Digital Security Officer (DSO) — empowering them with the necessary expertise to drive cybersecurity initiatives effectively.
  • Implementation of Risk Reduction Measures: A prioritized action plan with short and medium-term initiatives was established to address identified vulnerabilities. Measures were adopted, bolstering the organization’s resilience against potential threats.
  • Cybersecurity Strategy Calibration: The client’s cybersecurity strategy underwent refinement and calibration, aligning it more closely with industry best practices and emerging threats.
  • Market Solution Identification: We identified and pre-qualified potential security solutions, tailored to their unique requirements, that could further strengthen their defenses.



INEM achieved significant improvements in their security posture:

  • Enhanced Security Posture: By addressing vulnerabilities and implementing proactive measures, the organization fortified its defenses and reduced exposure to cyber threats.
  • Strategic Empowerment: The internal teams were equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape confidently.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes and optimized security measures resulted in improved operational efficiency and resilience.
  • Risk Mitigation: The adoption of risk reduction initiatives and market solutions contributed to a more robust cybersecurity framework, safeguarding critical assets and data.
  • Future Readiness: INEM is now better positioned to adapt to emerging threats and evolving regulatory requirements, ensuring long-term cybersecurity resilience and agility.

This successful collaboration exemplifies the value of a comprehensive Zero Trust assessment. By adopting a strategic and collaborative approach, we helped empower INEM to enhance their security posture and navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with confidence and resilience.

Cloudcomputing as a partner presented us with a very pragmatic and actionable vision of transformation, aligning it with INEM's allocation and execution conditions. We believe this initiative is a vital instrument of work and support for the cybersecurity strategy and the technical teams involved.

Pedro Lavinha

Member of the Board of Directors INEM

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