IAM Maturity Assessment

How do you know if your current IAM practices are truly effective? We help you understand your current state, identify gaps or weaknesses, and develop a roadmap for improvement. By examining various aspects such as policies, procedures, technologies, and governance, this assessment evaluates your organization’s readiness and effectiveness in managing digital identities and controlling access to resources.


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Strategic alignment matrix

Discussing and defining strategic requirements in identity management — in order to link your IAM objectives with your cybersecurity objectives.

List of principles

Defining and characterizing the cybersecurity principles you need in a Modern IAM solution.

List of capabilities

Identifying and characterizing (high-level) the necessary security capabilities to ensure these principles.

Existing IAM capabilities map

Identifying the existing capabilities with the work teams.

Gap analysis

Visually representing the GAP between current and required future capabilities.

Resolution options

Identifying, proposing, and discussing potential resolution options and creating a high-level impact assessment and feasibility evaluation for each option.

Roadmap design

Developing an IAM vision proposal with an Implementation Plan. Identifying reference costs for market solutions. The Plan is typically assisted by a Project Manager who guarantees the expected results.

Gain advantages Prevent risks

Enhanced strategic alignment

Gain a clear picture of your current security strengths and weaknesses with an alignment matrix that links IAM and cybersecurity objectives.

Comprehensive cybersecurity principles

Ensure that your IAM strategy is built on a solid foundation of security principles, enhancing the overall resilience of your organization's digital identity infrastructure.

Aligned security capabilities

Ensure that your IAM solution possesses the essential features needed to effectively mitigate security risks and protect sensitive data.

Gap analysis for improvement

Get a clear understanding of where improvements are needed in order to prioritize initiatives and allocate resources effectively.

Resolution options and roadmap

Identify potential resolution options along with high-level impact assessments and feasibility evaluations. This enables informed decision-making and facilitates the design of a roadmap for IAM improvement.

Security vulnerabilities

Identify and address potential security gaps in your IAM practices before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

Compliance concerns

Ensure that your IAM processes meet regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Operational inefficiencies

Streamline IAM processes and capabilities to enhance operational efficiency. Reduce the risk of disruptions caused by inefficient identity management practices.

Cost overruns

Ensure that resources are utilized effectively and efficiently — with reference costs for market solutions and assistance in developing an implementation plan.

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