Market Solution Benchmark

Navigating the landscape of security solutions can be a daunting task. Market Solution Benchmark offers a solution. Our comprehensive and objective analysis provides a clear and concise picture of the leading IAM solutions across all key areas — including Identity, Access, Governance, and IoT security. Eliminate uncertainty and make informed strategic decisions that effectively align with your business objectives.


We can help you

Strengthen your security posture with our end-to-end offer.

Deep dive into your needs

Deep dive into your needs: We start by thoroughly understanding your specific requirements, objectives, and any limitations you face. This ensures the solutions we explore align with your vision.

Identify relevant solutions

Leveraging our expertise, we'll research and identify leading market solutions that meet the criteria you've established. We'll consider your industry and unique context to ensure a targeted selection.

Features and characteristics evaluation

A comparative analysis of the features, characteristics, and capabilities of the identified market solutions, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

Performance and results assessment

We analyze real-world results achieved by clients using these solutions. This includes user satisfaction indicators, ROI, and impact on business results.

Cost and viability assessment

Analyzing the costs associated with the implementation, maintenance, and support of market solutions, as well as their long-term financial viability.

Competitive benchmarking

Comparing the evaluated market solutions with offerings from direct competitors and alternative options available, providing a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape.

Recommendations and strategic insights

Detailed reports with recommendations and strategic insights. Helping you make informed decisions and select the most suitable solution for your needs and objectives.

Gain advantages Prevent risks

Effortless comparison

Quickly compare leading IAM solutions across Identity, Access, Governance, and even IoT security – all in one place.

Data-driven decisions

Make strategic choices backed by objective analysis, not marketing hype.

Buyer's regret

Avoid costly mistakes by choosing the right IAM solution from the start.

Misaligned strategy

Ensure your IAM solution aligns with your business goals for maximum effectiveness.

Security gaps

Identify potential weaknesses in different solutions and choose the one that best protects your organization.

Operational disruption

Minimize downtime and productivity losses caused by security incidents.

Need more information, central principles, use cases and best practices?

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Our Process

How does a successful approach looks like?


We follow a comprehensive process to ensure your needs are met.


We assess your current infrastructure and identify your needs.


We create a customized plan tailored to your specific situation.


We implement the necessary measures for your organization.

We know it seems challenging

To simplify the complexities of securing your identities, you need field-tested consultants, expert project managers and senior teams.
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