PMO & Project Management

Managing security projects and identity journeys involves a complex interplay of technical, managerial, and interpersonal skills. We help you with a service logic that includes a PMO or PM profile — supported by a multidisciplinary team that incorporates knowledge and experience in business, technology, and management areas. The focus is on deliverables.


We can help you

Navigate the complexities of security projects and deliver measurable results.

RFI and RFP design and development

Developing customized RFI and RFP documents, based on the identified requirements. Includes clear descriptions of project requirements, evaluation criteria, scope of work, contractual terms, and other relevant details.

Project selection and prioritization

Support in identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing projects, aligning them with the organizational strategy and available resources.

Project portfolio management

Implementing practices and tools to monitor and control the project portfolio, ensuring transparency, resource optimization, and informed decision-making.

Project management methodologies

Support in selecting and implementing project management methodologies, such as Agile, Waterfall, or hybrid, according to the specific needs of each project.

Capacity building and training

Developing and delivering training programs in project management and PMO practices, aiming to empower team members with the necessary skills for project success.

Monitoring and control

Establish monitoring and control systems to track project progress, identify deviations, and implement corrective actions, ensuring delivery within schedule and budget.

Continuous improvement

Promoting a culture of continuous improvement through the analysis of lessons learned, identification of areas of opportunity, and implementation of measures to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of project management processes.

Gain advantages Prevent risks

Proven expertise

Benefit from seasoned PMO or Project Managers with deep IAM knowledge, ensuring your projects are in capable hands.

Holistic approach

Leverage a multidisciplinary team that bridges business, technology, and management aspects, guaranteeing well-rounded project execution.

Delivery-focused mindset

Our unwavering focus on deliverables ensures projects stay on track and achieve their goals.

Project misalignment

Expert guidance aligns projects with your business objectives for maximum impact.

Skill gaps

Our team's diverse skillset fills any knowledge gaps within your organization, ensuring smooth project execution.

Scope creep & delays

Our structured approach minimizes scope creep and delays, keeping projects within budget and timeline.

Communication silos

Effective communication across teams ensures everyone is aligned on project goals and avoids roadblocks.

Need more information, central principles, use cases and best practices?

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Our Process

How does a successful approach looks like?


We follow a comprehensive process to ensure your needs are met.


We assess your current infrastructure and identify your needs.


We create a customized plan tailored to your specific situation.


We implement the necessary measures for your organization.

We know it seems challenging

To simplify the complexities of securing your identities, you need field-tested consultants, expert project managers and senior teams.
Ready when you are.

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