Role Mining

Granular access control is essential for robust information security. However, manually assigning permissions can be cumbersome and error-prone. We optimize access management and information security to ensure the precise level of access needed for each role — reducing risks and ensuring compliance with internal normatives.


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Requirements analysis

We begin the process by conducting a detailed analysis of your access management and information security needs.

Data collection

Gathering data on the systems, applications, and IT resources, as well as information about the roles, responsibilities, and functions of employees.

Access profile identification

Using data analysis and data mining techniques, we identify access patterns and user behaviors regarding the systems and resources used.

Roles and responsibilities mapping

Based on the collected data, we map the roles and responsibilities of employees regarding IT systems and resources, identifying the necessary permission sets for each role.

Role design

We create and define access roles, grouping common sets of permissions that correspond to the roles and responsibilities of employees within your organization.

Validation and refinement

After the initial access roles design, we conduct a validation and refinement process, involving stakeholders to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the roles created.

Access policies implementation

With the defined and validated access roles, we assist in the implementation of access policies that regulate the assignment and management of access privileges to IT systems and resources.

Rules and automations definition

Building automatic assignment rules based on identities’ attributes, streamlining the entire access assignment process, especially in user lifecycle processes, such as birthright, organizational changes, and leaver processes.

Monitoring and maintenance

We establish continuous monitoring processes to ensure the compliance and effectiveness of access roles over time, making adjustments and updates as necessary.

Gain advantages Prevent risks

Precise access control

Grant users the exact permissions they need, no more, no less.

Reduced security risks

Minimize vulnerabilities by eliminating over-privileged accounts.

Simplified compliance

Ensure consistent access control that meets regulations.

Costly data breaches

Reduce the risk of unauthorized access and data theft.

Operational disruptions

Streamline IAM administration and minimize security incidents.

Compliance fines

Avoid penalties associated with non-compliance.

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